Get to know us

We are a newly founded family owned and operated online pet supply retailer with aspirations of opening multiple physical locations. As parents of 6 children, it was our desire to provide for our family all the while allowing ourselves the freedom to be with our family, attend sporting events, practices, awards days & even the more important things to us, such as supper as a family. 

In order to make this venture successful, we knew it needed to be enjoyable for us.  We felt it would be beneficial if we had some knowledge about our goods, and we would have a much less chance of getting 'burnt' out. And I suppose it helps knowing that this venture may provide opportunities for us to make a difference.  

The best part about this operation for us is that we are truly a family operated company. We think it is important for our children to learn skills that will allow them to have the capabilities of being financially stable, and well rounded earlier in life. We do this thru exposing the children to a wide range of tasks and operations as they show interests. 

We know the importance of hard work, dedication and the value of a dollar, and thru this company and your support we aim to teach and instill these same qualities in our children, while providing you and our other customers with quality products at prices that are fair and comparable to other retailers. For that, we as a family, thank you, for not only your support, but also for giving us a chance to serve you and your pets.



The Sparks Family